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The Bluttered Bloke

The Bluttered Bloke

"Welcome to The Bluttered Bloke.

A place where everyone knows your name but at the same time, won't remember it tomorrow.


A place that feels like your local neighborhood pub

but with a fresh innovative take on classic Irish food and drink.

Pull up a stool or slide into your favorite booth.

Let us pour you a pint, fill your belly and send you on your way with the blessing of good cheer.


The Bluttered Bloke Appetizers & Salad
The Bluttered Bloke Entrees and Desserts
The Bluttered Bloke Drink Menu

"the Block"

Irish Pub, Tiki Bar, and Lost & Found

23 Chestnut Avenue - Sharon, PA 16146

(724) 979-4004

Thurs - 4-10 pm

Fri - 3-11 pm

Sat - 12-11 pm

SUN - 12-7 pm

For Reservations or Questions

Feel free to message us with any booking or requests.

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