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"the Block"

The newest addition to the Nova Destinations Family.   Come experience our unique restaurant with 5 themed dining rooms.

- Irish Pub

- Tiki Lounge

- German Beer Hall,

- Spanish Cantina


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*Thurs - 11:30-10 pm

*Fri - 11:30-11 pm

Sat - 11:30-11 pm

SUN - 11:30-7 pm

*Speakeasy, Tiki Lounge, and Cantina Rooms Open at 4:30 Thurs & Fri.

two cocktails on the bar with fruit and mint on the rim of the glass
Sharon, PA
Tiki Drink with pineapple leafs and fruit hanging out of the top
Red Margarita with salt and a lime on the rim of the glass
four leaf clovers
Sharon, PA
Image by Igor Omilaev
Image by Jon Tyson
Sharon, PA
Pop-Up Bars
Changed Monthly
Starting Fall 24' 
Saloon style bar tables and chairs with old signs hanging on the wall
Sharon, PA
Western Saloon
Coming Summer 24'
Paper lanterns with Japanese writing on them
Sharon, PA
Japanese Garden
Coming Summer 25'
Corner of a cafe with seating and rustic beams
Sharon, PA
French Bistro
Coming Spring 25'
Wall of wooden wine barrels with shadows of light
Sharon, PA
Italian Grotto
Coming Fall 25'

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Rentals or Questions:


Saturday, June 1st- The Tropoholics

Friday, June 7th- Andrew Slater
Saturday, June 15th- Sam Winterberger

Friday, June 21st- Side 2

Saturday, June 22nd- Shawn & Shane

Friday, June 28th- Terry Dach


6/20- Friends

6/27- Parks N' Rec

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