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Our Story

In 2006 we were visiting Presque Isle, Pennsylvania to pick up grapes for my uncle David Novosel, who every year made a dry red wine. Even though at the time my wife and I did not have much of a taste for wine we really enjoyed the scenery and atmosphere of the wineries. After returning from our trip I decided that experimenting with our own wines would be enjoyable. I ran the idea past my wife and she agreed! My Mother’s Italian background had formed the foundation for wine making as she had learned from her grandfather. I grabbed the old wine presses and crushers that my grandfather used from my parents’ house and made an initial batch of 30 gallons! After my wife returned from a weekend away and found our finished basement full of fruit flies and a strong smell of fermentation, I am pretty sure she started to second guess the endeavor. I also had to endure the harassment of visiting friends when they walked through the haze of fruit flies.


After the initial start-up, the finished product was extremely enjoyable and has since fueled our products and endeavors. We moved production to our five car garage and enjoyed sampling our wine with friends and family. This quickly turned into our friends calling on a regular basis to come try new wine and bringing more people they knew! Since the popularity grew, we decided to open our garage one weekend every month for an event weekend. My mother would cook specialty food pairings and my father, sister, wife and myself would work at the winery serving our guest wine and food pairings all weekend. By word of mouth, news of our monthly events spread quickly and caused confusion of which weekend we were open for the month. In 2012 we officially opened Nova Cellars every weekend!


Seeing the success of Nova Cellars and the enjoyment the atmosphere and people brought us it sparked a desire for us to continue in the industry by opening another winery. Thinking of ideas for our second winery, we decided that since Nova Cellars was my endeavor, she wanted one that was more directed at her interests. We wanted to start a business with the fundamental premise of giving back and helping others, with that we came up with a medical themed winery! Fractured Grape Wine Cellars opened in 2013 with its fundamental operating principle to give back and donate. Each bottle of wine is linked to a different national or local charity. With each bottle or glass sold portions of the sale go to the charity it is linked to.


In 2014 we decided we wanted to add a twist to our businesses and hard cider was just what we were looking for. Knockin Noggin Cidery and Winery opened in Volant, PA in the front of the mill. We grew out of this location quickly and are now located right next door to the mill in the white house! Having the science background that I do, I thought of Isaac Newton’s story of how he discovered gravity. One day when Newton was sitting under an apple tree an apple fell on his head (noggin!). He then came up with the law of gravitation. From that story we came up with the name Knockin Noggin! We decided to make our labels resemble the periodic table and the names of our ciders to be different laws of science such as gravity and momentum.


In 2015, when Knockin Noggin moved next door to the mill we decided to take a new route and open Liquid Fusions Olive Oils and Vinegars in Knockin Noggins old location in the front of the mill in Volant. While traveling with my family, I learned more and more about the importance of quality ingredients. I learned that it's the small things, such as the right olive oil flavor, that can turn a good recipe into a great one! By opening Liquid Fusions, we are also able to provide authentic olive oils and balsamic vinegars to our customers. All of our products have been infused with special ingredients that we have chosen to provide the most flavor possible. This location has been moved inside Nova Wineries at The Grove City Outlets.


Since all of our destinations had different themes and products, up until this point you could only purchase our products at the individual store or online. In February we opened our outlet store in the Grove City Outlet Mall where you can purchase our products from all of our destinations! We named the outlet store Nova Wineries and you are able to purchase our wines, some of our hard ciders and olive oils and balsamic vinegars.


In 2016, we moved our Nova Cellars location to a larger, more scenic location at 1474 State Route 208. Shortly following the opening of the new Nova, we opened our brewery, Brew 32, in the upstairs of the same building!


We are very grateful for all of the amazing memories we have had over the years and cannot wait to see what all the future holds. We can’t wait to see you at our destinations and to keep providing you with a crafted experience!

-Walter & Katie Novosel