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Nova Property Cartoon Map

Calling all craft alcohol lovers! Take a day and visit four of our Nova Destinations locations on our property in Pulaski, PA! Click the image below to purchase any of these trails!


Have a large group? Scroll down for our Corporate Packages! 

These trails are all at our Pulaski locations

1474 State Route 208

Pulaski, PA 16143

Trail Options
We recommend 1-hour per location
Generic Walking Trail Options
Corporate Packages

Groups 5-15: $50/person - food included


Groups 16-30: $40/person - food included


Groups 31-45: $25/person


Groups 46+: $20/person


208 Deluxe Trail included | Tour guides at each Destination


Food Options: for Groups of 31-45 and 45+ Catering Menu available as low as $8/person.

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