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Lost & Found


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There have been a ton of rumors about what's happening below "The Block" in Sharon.

One of those rumors is that it's a unique "Crafted Experience" fully themed from the 1920s

with a Food Menu made from scratch and Handmade Cocktails;

All of this going on in the basement of "The Block..." A Speakeasy if you will.

We want to make one thing clear.

We are "definitely" not a Speakeasy, but if we were,

this is the type of menu we would offer.

A menu made with care, handcrafted for each guest.

Again, we are not a Speakeasy, but if we were, we'd be sure to hide it in plain sight.

We'd be sure to theme it from top to bottom.

We'd be sure to guarantee a one of a kind "Crafted Experience."

Oh and to be extra careful and discerning, we'd require reservations... See below to make yours today!

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For Reservations or Questions

Feel free to message us with any booking or requests.

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