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July 26-28, 2019

Exclusive details straight from the source on the much anticipated Fantastic Drinks & Where to Find Them Trail!

Check back often to stay up to date on newly emerging details. 

2017 Fantastic Drinks Trailer


Calling all witches and wizards! This summer, partake in a magical journey with us to your favorite transformed locations. On July 26-28th, we urge fans young and old to participate in our newest family trail, “Fantastic Drinks and Where to Find Them.” All magical and non-magical folk will receive a special potion and treat at each stop while getting the chance to wander through what awaits at each location. 

Trail Hours:
Friday 12-10pm
Saturday 12-10pm
Sunday 12-5pm

Trail Stops:
The Squeaky Cauldron - Knockin Noggin
Platform Grape and 3/4 - Fractured Grape

Hopskaban - Hop Asylum
Headmaster's Quarters - Nova Cellars

32 Broomsticks - Brew 32

Ticket Prices:
Underclassmen: Under 21
Alumni: 21+

Single Ticket, Underclassman: $30
Double Ticket, Underclassmen: $55
Single Ticket, Alumni: $40
Single Ticket, Alumni: $75
Family Pass: two alumni, two underclassmen: $120

*Buying multiple tickets saves you $$$*

Spend additional time at your first stop in Volant as the town transforms into the WANDerful Wizard Shops. Major WANDerful Shop events in Volant will occur on Saturday & Sunday.


Be sure to also allow yourself extra time at the last double location in Pulaski, that lies in the center of “The Festival that Shall Not Be Named.” This festival will be complete with magically themed vendors, specialty craft booths, food stands, games, music, and activities for all ages!


The Festival That Shall Not Be Named will take place Saturday, July 27th from 12-10pm, Sunday, July 28th from 12-5 PM. 

Get your wands at ready for these events and more details featured in The Daily Droplet paper releases on our social media platforms! We solemnly swear these events will be good!

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